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by , Josh Jones, Contributing Editor
4 mins read | Feb 5th 2018

Hi, hello, hey!

How’s it going? Thanks for stopping by. Welcome to the MuchBetter Hub or “ The Hub” as we have named it. You found us alright, so I am guessing you we are off to a good start and you want to know a little more?

Times are a-changing in all walks of life, including a new dawn in how we pay for things. We believe there is a better way to spend your money, and there is…


The current marketplace is dominated by highly adept and functional payment solutions. They’re good, but good grief, they’re just all about functionality. They add a layer of convenience to your day, for sure, but they’re quite ordinary. And that’s exactly what we don’t want to be.

We are MuchBetter. Our mission is to make ordinary things more rewarding for you (you’re going to hear us say that a lot). Here on “The Hub”, we’ll provide inspiration and find MuchBetter ways for you to spend your money. When it comes to you using us for paying for things, we’ve got a few nifty features that we think you’re going to like, from our unique online e-gifting experience where you get to personalise the gift, right down to the wrapping, (more on that later), to our gamified rewards programme, (MuchBetter Points), to our handy payment fob and a few more things in the pipeline we think you’re going to like.

We’ve got the basics covered to, a great range of retailers that offer cashback when you spend with them (pretty standard, who hasn’t these days right?) but….we have also got MuchBetter Points. Everytime you send one of our digital e-gift experiences, you’ll earn MuchBetter Points. Likewise, every time you use the MuchBetter wallet to deposit at your favourite gaming site, you’ll earn points. What do points make? Cash. Yes every Monday you’ll have the chance to win £100. It pays to be generous, more points, more chances to win send an e-gift to someone today and put a smile on their face and if your lucky yours to. Have a look at the Rewards section of the site for more details

“Did you say gaming site?”  Yes we did and we’re offering the lowest fees to load or withdraw from your gambling wallet.  

We want MuchBetter to be anything but ordinary so we’ve introduced our keyfob for contactless payments. Leave your wallet at home, have a digital detox day leave your phone  at home, because if you’ve got your MuchBetter keyfob strapped to your keys in your pocket then you are good to go. You’ll get some funny looks as you go to pay with what looks like your carkeys (we did!) but if you are out for a morning run and want to grab a coffee on the go it’s a super convenient way to pay.

The world is a dangerous place but we take security very seriously – so you don’t have to worry. Your account is twinned with your phone, we’ve got industry leading Dynamic CVV to keep you safe from phishing attacks on your online purchases and accessible only through the app. to top it off we operate a transaction review system that ensures only legitimate transactions go through.

Whether you’re treating someone online, shopping offline, online gaming or simply grabbing a coffee from your favourite place on the way to work, this is the MuchBetter way of doing things. We exist to make your daily spending routine simple, safe and much more rewarding.

Do you want to hear our snappy explanation of what we are? Go on then…

The MuchBetter app enables you to send money to friends and family for free, pay when shopping online and collect and receive rewards. You can also choose between a free MuchBetter MasterCard or sexy key fob to use offline where contactless is available.

There is an absolute bucketload of brilliant technology behind it too, and we’re proud of that. But we know that can when people get all tech-speaky it can sometimes put you off. Especially if you’re not as into Financial Technology (Fin-Tech) as the guys downstairs in the office, so something we’re really striving to do is speak to you as clearly as possible. So we’ll leave all that jargon alone*.

For the contactless paying side of things, once you’ve downloaded the app you can choose between a free MasterCard or key fob to physically which work wherever you see. They also work for online purchases too.

Founded in 2017 by a group of gaming industry experts, we want this site to be your trusted friend. We’re aiming to bring you relevant, helpful and understandable facts and features to help you go about your life.

We do hope you enjoy your stay…

The MuchBetter Team

*go on then, we’ll say it really quickly: MuchBetter is an app-based payment wallet which combines rock star technology, mobile first, dynamic customer authentication, real time KYC and rich in deposit options.

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