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3 ways to engage your top players

Player retention is not as simple as sending your player database a marketing email on a regular basis. With so much competition from different operators it now needs to be a lot more sophisticated than that. Operators need to be innovative to stand out from the crowd, but at the same time balance marketing costs and keep CPAs low.

Having recently developed a highly successful creative marketing campaign for a leading European gaming operator (download our case study), here are my tips for re-engaging your top players and boosting their activity.

  1. Segmentation delivers the best results

Segmenting your player database to ensure that you target players with the right promotions is the most effective approach, keeping CPAs down and increasing conversion rates. Segmentation can be done in any number of ways – game choice, bets, time of play, duration and money transactions – using player tracking systems to identify different segments of players. By understanding their behaviours you can then develop a targeted marketing campaign that will deliver positive ROI.

If segmenting your player database is not possible, or you are unable to identify players by key behavioural factors, payment service providers like MuchBetter may be able to help. Data could be available that can help you target players in more effective way, without needing to implement additional player tracking systems. Speak to your PSPs or the MuchBetter team to find out how they can support your retention strategies in this way.

  1. Combine ‘old skool’ with new technology

Consumers are becoming increasingly adept at ignoring digital marketing techniques that once would have stopped them in their tracks. Now marketers need to call on a variety of different techniques and channels to nurture players long term.

In our recent campaign, for one European market, we used a combination of email marketing, bespoke landing pages, direct mail and an innovative loyalty gift – in the form of an operator-branded NFC contactless key fob – to boost player activity. Each channel saw excellent traction, but were intrinsically linked.

For example, players received an advance marketing email giving them the heads up that they would soon receive their loyalty gift, with a link to sign up straightaway. In expectation of receiving their contactless key fob, many players engaged with the campaign and signed up immediately. Conversion increased again when the direct mail campaign was sent and key fobs were activated, resulting in a combined conversion rate of 33%.

  1. Word of mouth

Opportunities to reach new players through word of mouth and by turning your existing players into brand advocates, should not be missed. Player referrals are much more valuable than advertising, it’s more convincing and delivers better leads.

As well as incentivising existing players to return to your online platform or try out specific games, why not also reward them for being brand advocates? For example, points and bonuses can be offered when a player shares your content on their social media platforms with their networks.

Another way to do it is to reward players with a loyalty gift that increases the visibility of your gaming brand offline. The operator-branded contactless key fobs sent to top players as part of our clients’ recent marketing promotion, do exactly that. Every time a player uses the key fob to buy a coffee, beer or anything else in a store, the brand gets exposure. With an average lifetime of 7 years, and 21,500 key fobs distributed in the market, this is an innovative way to get continuous exposure for a long period of time.

If you would like to find out more about this marketing promotion, including key results and statistics such as the volume of incremental deposits and average number of deposits during the campaign, download our case study here.

The campaign was developed for just one European market and provides a great insight into the outstanding results that can be achieved with a highly targeted marketing promotion and segmentation.

Any questions about player retention and creative ways to re-engage players? Get in touch!

Read more by Paul Gent