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Attracting the next iGaming generation

iGaming is no longer a young person’s game. The online market is now over 20 years old and gamers come from all generations, which has led to a relatively homogenous experience with only a few online gaming operators innovating in the sector.

The next generation of gamers don’t see online gaming as something new and exciting. They’ve grown up aware of it in the same way as they have with other digital technology like social media. Just as 13 year olds aren’t desperate to sign up for a Facebook account (that’s for their parents and grandparents), neither are all 18 year olds queuing up to deposit funds in their first gaming account.

However, for every Facebook or ‘old skool’ platform there’s an alternative – like SnapChat or Instagram – that targets Millennials and the iGeneration in a way they engage with. That’s the key – engagement. Younger generations are motivated by experiences and engagement. When that’s applied to online gaming and other digital technologies, it boils down to UX.

User experience (UX) is about engagement and attention to detail

I’m often surprised by how functional online gaming platforms can be. Account sign up forms, for example, generally do nothing to engage new customers or build the excitement of the gaming experience. Instead they’re focused on processing data and getting to the next step of depositing funds.

Naturally, from the operators point of view, conversion is the goal of this process and older customers may be happy with the transactional nature of it. But younger generations want something more. They want to experience an on boarding process that’s engaging and fun, reflects the brand and includes details that enhances the whole online gaming experience.

If you look at the digital platforms younger generations do engage with, like Netflix, Snapchat and other popular apps, it’s all about the user experience. They provide their users with an engaging experience from the minute they’re launched. They’re personalised, they’re aligned with the devices their customers use (smartphones), and their lifestyles.

How to make depositing funds a more engaging experience

It’s difficult for any online merchant to make the payment or deposit process fun and engaging. Generally, the approach is to make the process as quick and easy as possible so that customers don’t abandon the transaction midway through.

But there are payment methods you can offer that can add to the online gaming experience. Firstly, you need to offer payment methods younger generations use. Payment apps and wallets are popular with this demographic because they offer them lifestyle benefits. Not having to carry a physical wallet or card, having everything they need on their smartphone. The ability to fund an account with cash, Bitcoin or peer-to-peer transfers; removing the need to use a bank account for some transactions.

Apps like MuchBetter have been specifically developed to provide customers with an engaging and rewarding experience, with features that really appeal to younger generations. Such as a contactless keyfob for making offline purchases, no phone or wallet needed, and a free prepaid card.

Secondly, payment methods need to be aligned with the devices younger generations use: smartphones. A lot of the payment processes on gaming sites do not support a good mobile experience, and that for Millennials and the iGeneration can be a conversion killer. We’ve built our app for the mobile era so players can pay with just their phone and fingerprint, delivering a great mobile experience.

With this and other lifestyle benefits, payment apps like MuchBetter quickly become their preferred payment method for online gaming and digital entertainment, as well as for buying their daily take out coffee and snack.

As you would expect we’ve invested in a great user experience because that’s what our customers, especially the younger generations, want. By ensuring that your user experience is also aligned with this demographic, you also stand a much better chance of attracting Millennials and the iGeneration to your online gaming brand.

Get in touch if you want to discuss how MuchBetter can help your gaming business in more detail.

Read more by Paul Gent