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Bored of 10k runs? Make your exercise routine MuchBetter

We know that you know that two laps of your park is 10k. You know this because you’ve run it so many times you can do it with your eyes closed. And backwards. And you realised that 66 per cent of your T-shirt collection are mementos for running the last 10 park races… (we also need to talk about why you only have 15 T-shirts, more on that later [link to Everpress piece]).

We also know that you tried to make things a bit more exciting – you signed up for a few Tough Mudders, and sure, they were a challenge, but that whole electrocution and freezing water thing just isn’t that much fun when you’ve done it for the fourth time.

There has to be another way to make your exercise a bit more exciting and, dare we say it, fun? Well there is – it’s called Zombie Evacuation… and we can tell that just reading that name has pricked up your ears.

It’s a 5k race where the undead are the obstacles. The organisers take over well-known landmarks and turn them into a zombie infested land. Suddenly exercise has become much better eh?

All the runners or, as the organisers call them, ‘evacuees’ start with three lifebelts and the aim is to prevent the chasing zombies from ‘biting you three times’ and transforming you into one of their own. If you reach the safe zone at the end of the course with at least one life belt then you will be recognised as a survivor and receive the coveted ‘survivor’s medal’. (If you make it after being ‘bitten’ three times then you still get an ‘infected’ medal).

But what do you do when you’ve survived being chased for 5km by a bunch of the undead? Well, you fish your MuchBetter key fob out of your shorts and treat you and a couple of your new zombie friends to a coffee (or pint) to warm up (but be warned, warming up a zombie can be tricky).

That jog around the park will seem so, so pedestrian once you’ve tried this workout…

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