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Make your next trip to the match MuchBetter

One of the things watching sports like cricket and rugby will always hold over football in the UK is that if you’re watching them live in a stadium then you can enjoy drinking a few beers or a glass of wine in your seat.

But that does bring in one terrible problem… what if you’re at the bar, waiting to get served when your team scores/there’s a streaker/you miss the most amazing shot ever to have happened in the history of the sport? Yeah, that is a bummer. And a very real danger.

If only there was some way around that…. you know what we’re going to say aren’t you; there absolutely is.

SeatServe originated in America a couple of years ago but has rapidly jumped across the Atlantic and spread to stadiums in Europe. It’s basically a Deliveroo or Uber for your stadium refreshments, and is a simple enough premise – you download the app to your phone and if it’s available where you’re watching the game, then you can log in and order drinks to be brought to wherever you’re sitting. In fact, it’s not just drinks – you can get merchandise delivered to your seat from the shop or a bite to eat brought straight to you while you don’t miss a minute of the game.

SeatServe consists of hardware as well as three different mobile apps within the system: one for the vendor, one for the customer, and one for the delivery person. It also cleverly uses algorithms to ensure orders are efficient, i.e. that all the orders don’t just go to one food counter or bar while others aren’t busy.

Once you’ve got it you don’t have to worry about missing a single bit of the action. Now, if only there was a toilet queue jump app for half time… Download Seat serve from Google Play or Apple.

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