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Much Tastier

Want a weekly online grocery shop that’s so MuchBetter?

Food shopping is just the worst chore isn’t it? It is one of the most essential, but boring, things we have to do every week. You plan to do a big shop on a Saturday but forget and are reduced to staggering to the Sainsbury’s Local during the week, exhausted from work and find your choices are that same ready meal or bland pizza you always get to shove in the oven. That’s not how food should taste right? Since when did we just settle for ‘that’ll do’?

The advent of online ordering did take some of the pain out of food shopping. That pain being mainly the carrier bags cutting into your hands as you cart it all home, but the websites are bamboozling, overwhelming even, and the special offers are incessant – do you really need 5 for the price of 4 bottles of pine disinfectant? And when you get down to it, the food choices you have are mass produced, flash frozen, and have most likely travelled hundreds of miles. Did you know that only 23 per cent of the fruit and vegetables eaten in the UK come from here?

How can we make this part of our lives much better? Well, there is a way, and it’s called Farmdrop.

This app has actually been around a while, and is still only applicable to people living in London, Bath and Bristol (sit tight rest of the UK) but in the last year have things started to snowball for them. It’s a low(ish) cost access to high-quality, artisanal and farm fresh food, brought to your door and they’re looking to totally simplify the food chain as we know it.

You place your order and choose when you’d like it to be delivered. Their vans are 100% electric, the food sustainably sourced and is fresh from the producer in just 19 hours. The produce travels an average 30 miles to your house and they pay their farmers 75% of the retail price. The delivery drivers also bring the bags all the way into your house and unpack them on to the table.  If you compare that to shlepping around your high street supermarket, well, it’s an easy choice

And we’ve tried it – all the above are great plus points, but here’s the best thing about the food from Farmdrop: it tastes amazing. Because it’s all so fresh and hasn’t had to be filled with water, preservatives, life extenders or toyed with in anyway to make it gleam on a shelf, they can live up to their ad slogan of, “how food used to taste.”

Give it a try – they offer plenty of referral bonuses if you and your friends get involved and you

don’t have to sign up to a monthly scheme. Imagine the relief when you’re on a crowded train home and you realise that Farmdrop are coming that evening – you can sit back as you leave the other commuters to pick up another microwave lasagne for their dinner…

Bon appetite!

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