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MuchBetter People: Pras M, COO

The team at MuchBetter is made up of people with many talents and interests. Together we have over 100 years in the payments and gaming industries. We’re all very proud of the products we’re offering through MuchBetter and wanted to take an opportunity to introduce ourselves, and our favourite things about working together.

Hi Prasannaa, tell us a bit about yourself…
Hi I’m Prasannaa Muralidharan, everyone calls me Pras. I’m the COO at MuchBetter which means I’m responsible for Operations. Before this I was Director of Payments at PokerStars for eight years. Basically I’m all about payments, product management and operations. I’m like the lithium battery that powers the MuchBetter machine.

Lol, so what charges you up?
Innovation really inspires me, and the quest for improvement. At MuchBetter I’m committed to delivering a truly MuchBetter experience to our users and merchants.

Tell us a bit about your average day at MuchBetter
There’s no such thing as an average day with a start-up this exciting! The best thing about my job is that we are constantly developing. Whether it’s new features or products or reviewing operational metrics, there’s always something new to work on. Every day involves elements of planning, creating and conversations with the whole team and all the people we work with.

How do you use MuchBetter in real life?
I use my keyfob all the time, it’s really easy to top up and it’s such a slick way to pay. Because wearables are still quite a new technology, people are curious about them. I’ve had some really interesting conversations with people at checkouts who want to know how they work, and where they can get one. I also use the app when I’m gaming online to withdraw and deposit funds and the convenience of that is awesome. Sadly I can’t benefit from the rewards because I’m part of the MuchBetter team, but for everyone else it’s a bonus!

Do you have any COO life hacks or tips for us?
Make sure to take some time off your phone everyday. Phones are amazing and apps like MuchBetter definitely make life easier. But try to put your phone away for meal times with friends and family. My daughters tell me off for using my phone at the dinner table, so I have to give them credit for the tip. It’s important not to miss out on special time because you’re staring at the new features of an app. Even when it’s your own!

With MuchBetter we make paying for life’s costs so much more rewarding. Keep track of your finances using our app, send money to your friends and family instantly and get rewards from it all. Join the masses and start being a MuchBetter person today. Download the app today to sign up and receive a free pre-paid Mastercard.

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