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What makes MuchBetter different?

The current marketplace is dominated by highly adept and functional payment solutions. They are good but all pretty ordinary just adding convenience to spending in a variety of on and offline environments. We believe there is a better way to spend money – you might have guessed that by the fact we’ve called ourselves MuchBetter…

Whether you are gifting that special person in your life, paying for that ‘must have’ item you’ve had your eye on, at the cashier of your favourite online gaming site, withdrawing money abroad, or simply getting your morning caffeine fix on the way to work…. we are the MuchBetter way of paying for it.

Why choose us? We get it, when it comes to your money you want to totally trust the people you’re dealing with. You also want to feel comfortable with what they’re doing, you want to understand them and, well, it really helps if you like them too, doesn’t it?

With banking deregulation occurring there are suddenly loads of people telling you how to spend your money and how amazing their technology is, which it is, so is ours, but we want to speak to you in normal conversation. We’re not into blinding you with acronyms or tying you in knots with encryption tech speak. So here we are – why are we different? Why are we, ahem, MuchBetter?

Well, other than our shiny hair and perfect teeth, we’re excited about what we do because, unlike other companies out there, we offer a service that is all controlled from the MuchBetter app on your phone. Everything is straightforward, from your account number being the same as your mobile one to moving your money wherever you like.

Still need convincing? Ok then,  here’s a few features we think you’ll like

MuchBetter Payments –  online and out and about

Whether you’re buying something through the web, need your account for online gaming or are out and about in the real world, you can use your MuchBetter account for all those things – BTW have you seen our knifty little contactless payment keyfob? – just put it with your keys and you don’t need to take anything else with you. Ideal if you want to go for that morning run and grab a coffee en route. Then there’s also our prepay Mastercard, which gives you all the benefits you would expect and all linked to our super secure MuchBetter app. Both of these you can request through the app and work in any place where you see the contactless symbol.

Dynamic CVV – (Ok you got me. Can you explain that to me!?)

We know just how important security is when your money is at stake. We’ve introduced Dynamic CVV. You’ll be well aware of the physical CVV on the back of your credit/debit card, which provides an extra layer of security for online purchases, but when that CVV goes dynamic, well, you get even safer. With dynamic CVV it changes every hour to combat unwanted phishing scams, and online fraud. If someone tries to make a purchase using your account, well they can’t. They’ll be locked out and you’ll receive a notification.

Gifting to friends and family

You know that gloomy feeling when you get vouchers for your birthday? The smiling through gritted teeth as you’re mentally trying to work out who you can palm them off to? Well, never feel like that again. With our gifting system, you can even choose to ‘wrap up’ your monetary gifts, and add a heartfelt message too. It’s no longer just “I put some money in your account, mum”. Once you, and your friends and family are set up with MuchBetter accounts you can send money to each other instantly, easily and free. You’ll also be rewarded (more on that below) – it’s good to be generous

Spending Abroad

If you’re spending money internationally then you’ll find that our currency conversion rates are pretty much the best out there –  for real, on average they’re 80% lower than your high street bank* at just 1% above the interbank exchange rates,

More Rewarding

MuchBetter people deserve to be rewarded, so for every tenner you spend via our gifting or deposit at your favourite online gaming site you earn MuchBetter Points, which we put into a prize draw. Every Monday our MuchBetter community take a share of a £1000 (winners are drawn at random) and prizes range from £2.50 so you can treat yourself to a free flat white on the way to work up to £100 to splash on whatever you’d like. The more people who use it, the more goes in the pot for the draw. Every week you have a chance to get a reward from us and the more active you are with MuchBetter the higher chance for reward is.

We’ve also partnered with a whole host of high street brands so when you buy something with them, we reward you, whether it’s money off when you spend a tenner at Costa or Pizza Express, we want you to get the most out of spending your money -pretty standard but we know these little benifits soon add up.

So that’s just a flavour of the MuchBetter way. We look forward to having a coffee (or hopefully more) with you soon! Why not download the app now and have a play. It works on iOS and Android devices. (Sorry Windows phone users it’s 2018 – where have you been?!!)