Verderben Sie den Tag eines Hackers!

Before you click a link or enter your password, stop!

Hackers and phishers are using crafty tactics to trick you into entering your password via SMS, WhatsApp and other untrustworthy apps or websites. Stop them in their tracks by deleting anything suspicious before you fall prey to hacking attempts.

Did you know that your MuchBetter digital wallet is protected with unique safety features which makes it difficult for fraudsters to access your account or use your MuchBetter Mastercard®? 

Dynamic CVV

MuchBetter goes beyond other digital systems by embedding an exclusive dynamic security code (CVV) technology. CVV is an indispensable security code for all debit card purchases and is made up of three digits found on the back of most credit and pre-paid debit cards.

When making an online purchase, your MuchBetter app generates a new CVV every time. This prevents fraud by eliminating replicated use of your CVV. Also, if fraudsters hear you give your CVV on the phone, they won’t be able to use it again. 

Touch ID Verification

Full biometrics to ensure that only you, as the account holder, can access your digital wallet.


Your MuchBetter account is paired with your device, which makes it impossible for your account to be accessed on any device other than the one you originally set your account up with.

Transaction review systems

MuchBetter uses an automatic transaction review system to ensure that only legitimate payments go through, while “suspicious” ones are reported.

Loss & theft account lock

Instant account freezing directly from the app in the event of a lost or stolen contactless device, such as a tap fob, or a physical MuchBetter prepaid debit Mastercard®

MuchBetter will never ask for your password outside the app. Ever.

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There are certain steps you can take to ensure you mitigate any risks. You should always;

  • Avoid opening any links from a web address that doesn’t look like
  • Be wary of unofficial email addresses, websites or apps attempting to access personal information.
  • Say no to entering your password in a text message, website, or via email.

If an action or request from your bank or card company seems suspicious, treat it as such. Muchbetter will never ask for your password outside of the app.


Visit our FAQ page on to learn more about the security features of MuchBetter, and how you are protected.


If you would prefer some added reassurance, our friendly customer support team can be contacted via for anything not covered in the FAQs.


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