Make smarter Betway deposits with the MuchBetter payment app

MuchBetter, is the award-winning payment app that everyone’s talking about and now you can use it for safe, fast and secure transactions on Betway.

Thousands of new customers are signing up to MuchBetter every week, and players at Betway are now using the revolutionary app to enhance the way they deposit funds into their Betway account.


Why make Betway deposits with MuchBetter?

Betway είναι γνωστή για το ότι παρέχει στους παίκτες της μεγάλες επιλογές για την κατάθεση κεφαλαίων και είναι περήφανη που περιλαμβάνει το MuchBetter Smart e-wallet to deliver the best value and service to its customers.

Για το υψηλότερο επίπεδο ασφάλειας, εξαιρετικά χαμηλές χρεώσεις κατάθεσης, απρόσκοπτη διαδικασία, ανταμοιβές μετρητών εντός εφαρμογής και διαχείριση προϋπολογισμού σε πραγματικό χρόνο, επιλέξτε MuchBetter.

Here’s how to use MuchBetter for your Betway deposits


1.Κατεβάστε και εγγραφείτε για λογαριασμό MuchBetter


2. Add funds to your MuchBetter account using one of the many options available.


3. Log in to your Betway account.

προσθήκη κεφαλαίων

4. Choose to add funds to your Betway account.


5. Pick MuchBetter to deposit funds into your Betway account.


6. Betway will prompt you to log in to your MuchBetter account and confirm the amount that you wish to deposit.


7. Open the MuchBetter app on your phone and accept the request to transfer funds to Betway. Now you are ready to play!

Join thousands of others who are having a MuchBetter Betway experience.

Payment options for Betway

Κάρτα | Μετρητά (Flexepin) | Ηλεκτρονική μεταφορά Interac | Interac Online – Τέλη 3,5% | Crypto (BTC, ETH, LTC, XRP) – Τέλη 2%
ηλεκτρονική μεταφορά
interac online

Your Betway deposits are safer than ever before

While low transaction fees, free Mastercard’s and Contactless Key Fobs add great benefits, what matters most when it comes to your Betway deposits is security, and our solution is one of the most protected and guarded eWallets in the world.

When the MuchBetter app is combined with Betway’s own security protocols and procedures, players can rest assured that they are using the world’s most secure eWallet and truly ensuring their money is in the safest hands.