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MuchBetter is a dynamic new payment app that’s transforming the way customers spend money, and how online merchants accept payments.
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Why is MuchBetter better than any other payment option on the market today?

4 reasons…

Unique Commercial Model

MuchBetter has a ground-breaking pricing structure that can reduce payment fees significantly for gaming operators. By using a net monthly deposit commercial model, MuchBetter minimises payment processing costs and neutralises the downside of money churn. Our commercial model is unique, transparent and developed specifically for gaming operators like you.

Industry Leading Fraud Prevention

MuchBetter goes further than any other payment method to combat fraudsters and make wallet originated fraud and bonus abuse negligible. Balancing authentication and compliance, MuchBetter not only reduces fraud risk but also allows gaming operators to interrogate the data. Going deeper than financial information, MuchBetter provides our customers with wallet insights for better KYC due diligence and fraud prevention.


Frictionless Payments & Open API
Powered by rock star technology, MuchBetter makes payments easy for players and operators. Focused on delivering an intuitive customer experience with quick and easy account sign up, flexible deposits and pay-outs, and high deposit acceptance rates, MuchBetter is rapidly becoming the preferred payment app for players worldwide. On-boarding and integration is simple too. We take an evaluative approach working with our gaming customers to increase deposit acceptance and reduce money churn.


Global Payment Solution
MuchBetter is the leading payment app for players across Europe and can help operators reach players in new markets too. With localised setup, MuchBetter is a trusted, reliable and sustainable payment solution designed for the global gaming industry. Future-proof global expansion and reach new markets including Brazil and Canada by accepting MuchBetter payments.

Εφαρμογή πληρωμής πολλών συσκευών

Revolutionary commercial model, for the gaming industry

High deposit acceptance rates

Real-time transactions and instant pay-outs

Συναλλαγές πολλαπλών νομισμάτων σε πραγματικό χρόνο

Multi-currency and extra low FX fees

Designed for the global gaming industry

Αξιόπιστο EMI (ίδρυμα ηλεκτρονικού χρήματος)

Reach new and existing players

Reduce payment fees and impact of money churn

Eliminate bonus abuse and wallet-originated fraud

Αυξήστε τα ποσοστά μετατροπής

Reward players instantly

Supports localised payment methods

Built to flex with compliance changes

Χρηματοπιστωτικό Ίδρυμα πολλαπλών αδειών

Built to flex with changes to compliance, MuchBetter is the leading payment option for gaming operators in today’s regulatory landscape.

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