Load cash to your MuchBetter digital wallet, and enjoy easier, safer, and more secure online and offline use!

Today you can load your cash safely and securely to the award-winning MuchBetter digital wallet with Ricarica MuchBetter vouchers.

Buy your Ricarica MuchBetter voucher in a store near you today with cash or card and start enjoying the benefits.

The MuchBetter digital wallet offers you the perfect solution to store your money, make seamless online and offline payments, and transfer money to friends and family for free with easy transactions and world-class security.

Once you’ve signed up for the MuchBetter digital wallet, you will get your FREE MuchBetter card* and can use your funds anywhere in the world that accepts MasterCard ®.

Ricarica MuchBetter vouchers are available to buy in more than 15,000 retail outlets throughout Italy.

How to use your Ricarica Muchbetter Voucher  


Purchase a Ricarica MuchBetter voucher from one of our retailers


Download the MuchBetter app from the App Store or Google Play


Create your MuchBetter account in minutes


Select thesymbol to add the Ricarica MuchBetter voucher to your balance


Enter the PIN from your voucher receipt


Your account credit will show immediately


Select thesymbol to view your new virtual card*

To get 10% cashback and enjoy €5 extra is MuchBetter


*for every 100 euro voucher you get 5 euro free up to 1 load per week


Why Choose the MuchBetter digital wallet?

For a Much Better way to convert your cash to e-money:

The Ricarica MuchBetter voucher is the perfect solution to safely and securely load money onto the innovative MuchBetter digital wallet, and easily enjoy online and offline payments securely. Simply visit one of 15,000 available retailers in Italy, purchase a Ricarica MuchBetter voucher at the till, and in 3 simple steps load it to your MuchBetter digital wallet.**


For Much Better security:

The CVV number (the 3-digit security number found on the back of a card) is built-in the MuchBetter Digital wallet app, and it changes every time you log in, meaning that your CVV number will NEVER be the same, making it impossible for fraudsters to use your card online. We call it dynamic CVV.


For Much Better money transfers:

The MuchBetter digital wallet goes beyond online and offline, enabling you to transfer and request funds for free! Split bills with friends and send money to your loved ones. Anytime and Anywhere!

For Much Better contactless convenience:

With the recent outbreak of COVID-19, it’s now more important than ever to protect our health and the health of others, by making contactless payments whenever possible.


For Much Better use of cards worldwide:

MuchBetter cards are supported by MasterCard ® and VISA ®, which means that you can use your card all over the world, whenever you see the Mastercard, Visa or contactless payment symbol. Your virtual card will be available instantly in the MuchBetter digital wallet app, and we will post your physical card within 10 business days.*


Please refer to the Google Play store and the App Store for information on supported OS versions

*Your virtual card will be available in the MuchBetter digital wallet app once you have completed your account verification. Your physical card will be posted to your registered address within 7 – 10 business days. Please ensure you have entered the correct address at registration.
**Please note that the top up value of each voucher will be less than the voucher cost, due to a fee payable.

€30 voucher = €28 credit

€50 voucher = €47 credit

€100 voucher = €96 credit

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