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Why settle for something better, when you can have something MuchBetter?

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FREE Prepaid Debit Mastercard® with no monthly costs

Starting November 21st, Spanish customers will be able to use their money wisely, enjoying our new MuchBetter Prepaid Voucher for paying online and offline simply, easily and safely.

We created the Prepaid Voucher alongside our payment app, enabling you to store, spend and send money safely and quickly without the need for a bank. We believe everyone deserves a cost effective, fast and secure financial service to control their money.

The MuchBetter payment app offers an end-to-end secure payment solution, including world class safety features. Once you’ve signed up for the MuchBetter payment app, you can order your FREE MuchBetter Mastercard®  and start using your funds anywhere globally, where Mastercard® is accepted.

The new MuchBetter Prepaid Voucher is the perfect solution for loading money safely and securely onto your prepaid card. Simply visit one of the 15,000 available retailers in Spain, purchase a MuchBetter Prepaid Voucher at the cash register, and follow our simple steps to load it to your MuchBetter payment app.**

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Good reasons to purchase a Muchbetter Prepaid Voucher


A MuchBetter way to save money

A Free MuchBetter card, shipped to your home address – free of charge

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The MuchBetter card is free and comes without any additional monthly cost. Our cards are supported by Mastercard® and work like any other prepaid card, so they can be used for online and offline transactions, anytime, anywhere.


MuchBetter safety

The MuchBetter payment app offers an end to end secure payment solution including world class safety features

MuchBetter accounts are protected with device pairing, touch ID, dynamic security codes, and a transaction review system to ensure that only legitimate transactions go through. Our unique and exclusive dynamic CVV* is built-in the MuchBetter e- wallet, and it changes every time you log in. Your CVV* number will NEVER be the same, making it difficult for fraudsters to use your card online.

*Un numéro CVV est le numéro de sécurité à 3 chiffres qui se trouve au dos d'une carte

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MuchBetter money transfers

Transfer and request funds are simple and FREE

The MuchBetter payment app goes beyond online and offline usage, enabling you to transfer and request money for free, any time and anywhere you want. The MuchBetter Peer-2-Peer platform is also easy to use so transfers are completed instantly in just 4 simple steps.


MuchBetter alternative to banks

Cash vouchers give you control

You can purchase and load your MuchBetter e-wallet with MuchBetter vouchers that you load with your funds in 3 simple steps. No bank account or credit card is needed. Purchase your vouchers from one of the 10,000 retailers in Spain, and be in control of loading and spending – not your bank


MuchBetter contactless

We aim to create the world’s safest, unique and most convenient payment device.

We are a team of passionate innovators. The payment marketplace is dominated by an array of solutions, adding convenience and safety to your various daily online and offline payments. While most of them are fairly ordinary, MuchBetter believes there is a significantly safer and much more rewarding way to use and manage your money. We have succeeded in developing some of the world’s most unique contactless payment devices, making your daily payments easier, safer and with a twist of unrivalled style.  Read more

How to use your MuchBetter Prepaid voucher

1. Select ‘Top Up’ and choose Código Prepago MuchBetter.

2. You will be presented with a screen advising where you can purchase MuchBetter Prepaid vouchers from.

3. You will then be prompted to select a top up amount, specific to the voucher value. 
4. Enter the PIN from your voucher receipt and then tap ‘Redeem’. Your MuchBetter account will be credited immediately.

Prise en charge MuchBetter

Notre équipe de support client dédiée vous répondra par e-mail pour vous garantir un minimum de perturbations. Envoyez et examinez les tickets d'assistance depuis l'application et recevez une assistance par e-mail de notre équipe amicale. Vous pouvez trouver les informations dont vous avez besoin dans notre FAQ.

Veuillez vous référer au Google Play Store et à l'App Store pour plus d'informations sur les versions de système d'exploitation prises en charge*

Votre carte virtuelle sera disponible dans l'application de portefeuille numérique MuchBetter une fois que vous aurez terminé la vérification de votre compte. Votre carte physique sera postée à votre adresse enregistrée dans les 7 à 10 jours ouvrables. Assurez-vous d'avoir entré la bonne adresse lors de l'inscription.
**Please note that the top up value of each voucher will be less than the voucher cost, due to a fee payable.

€30 voucher = €28 credit
€50 voucher = €47 credit
€100 voucher = €96 credit

termes et conditions

La carte MuchBetter est émise par PayrNet Ltd en vertu d'une licence de MasterCard International Inc. Mastercard® est une marque déposée et le dessin des cercles est une marque de Mastercard International Incorporated.

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