We focus on building strong partnerships with organisations and individuals that share company values and our passion for reaching the top.
Through our Brand Ambassador and Sponsorship programmes, we are excited to be working
with some of the most celebrated names in the industry, as well as future stars.
MuchBetter’s brand ambassador programme creates opportunities for sports and gaming
influencers to achieve their goals, and help us deliver the best services and experience for our

Poker ambassadors

Felix Schneiders

Poker pro & coach Felix Schneiders is an ambassador of the MuchBetter e-wallet.
“I have been a Poker professional for over 15 years now, streaming, and coaching Poker on Twitch for more than 7 years. I know from my experiences as a long time Poker player how important it is to be able to access, withdraw, deposit, and move funds quickly to wherever they are needed so I am happy to have a tool like MuchBetter.

My community and me are using MuchBetter on a regular basis with all the features that it offers. Especially the fact that you have a free prepaid card with fraud protection through the app makes MuchBetter super appealing to Poker players who have to make regular transactions or be able to access and send or receive funds. Personally, I love being able to spend money I won at a Poker game directly through MuchBetter – contactless!”

lex playing poker

Sports ambassadors

As a young company, we want young sports professionals and future stars to have the support and opportunities they need to perform at their best. MuchBetter believes passionately in supporting sports at a grassroots level, investing in our future stars and community to give people the chance to reach their potential. We understand the importance of having champions on your team to guide, mentor and invest in your success. That’s why we’re supporting young people like Jed Etchells & Connor Lynch, as well as Crosby Cricket Club on the Isle of Man.
Jed Etchells motocycle

Jed Etchells

European Enduro Champion, Jed Etchells, is an exceptional Manx athlete already reaching the top of his game in Motocross. Competing in Motocross since he was five years old, Jed is a talented young sportsman with tenacity and ambition reaching far beyond the borders of Island life. Jed found his passion for Enduro at age 17, and has since represented Great Britain three times, taken part in three world events, and even won the European Enduro Championship in 2019! In 2020, Jed was awarded the Under 21 Sportsman of the year by the Isle of Man Sports Awards. Now aiming to be the best professional Enduro motorcycle rider in the world series, Jed is committed to a hard training and fitness regime. This year Jed is competing in the Italian Enduro Championship and the World Enduro GP Championship. “I am lucky to have the support and sponsorship of MuchBetter which enables me to represent the Isle of Man at World Enduro events, and I hope to inspire other young people to follow their dreams and dedicate themselves to being the best they can be.” – Jed Etchells We are proud to support this exceptional rising star by helping him raise his sports profile.

Crosby Cricket Club

Crosby Cricket Club was formed on the Isle of Man in 1946, originally by a group of villagers who were seeking something to do outside of the football season. The original team has grown over the years, and they now have two senior weekend teams, 4 senior evening teams, and junior teams at U9, U11, U13 and Under 15’s. Several players are also part of the Island teams and compete in competitions off-Island.

With so many teams there are few days between May and September when the club is out of action, which demands a huge commitment from coaches and players alike. Crosby is a friendly club, with players ranging from 6 to 60 years of age and is an important part of the village, where most of its members are based. MuchBetter is proud to support this local community Cricket Club and we look forward to watching their 2021 season unfold.

Brand-Ambassadors-Connor Crosby Cricket Club

Douglas Athletic Football Club

Founded in 2016, the junior academy of Douglas Athletic Football Club, also known as DAFC Juniors, is a club which has continued to go from strength to strength.

Based in the heart of Douglas, the club started with only 8 children and 2 coaches, but today is the fastest growing junior football club on the Isle of Man, with over 100 children playing across 14 teams, all proudly representing the club in the local Isle of Man Junior Football League. This is only made possible through the dedication and commitment of the many volunteers, including 15 FA qualified coaches who help the children to play the game they love in a safe and friendly environment.

‘As a local football club we continue to strive to provide the local community with excellent opportunities for children, where they can be part of a club which is safe, fun and where they can enjoy playing football. Everyone at DAFC is incredibly grateful to the team at MuchBetter for their support and we look forward to watching all our teams wear their MuchBetter pink kits with pride this season’

DAFC Chairman Stephen Cowan.

IOM Vagabonds Ladies RUFC

Being the only female side on the Isle of Man, Vagabonds Ladies RUFC joined the UK league structure in 2007 in a bid to play both more frequently and at a higher level. After being placed initially in a developmental league they quickly worked their way up the league structure and currently play in National Championship 1 North West.

Vagabonds are proud to be ambassadors for women’s rugby, Vagabonds RUFC and the Isle of Man. Ladies rugby is a fully inclusive sport and is open to girls and women of all ages, shapes and sizes – often players are new to rugby as it is only a developing sport at school level

The core rugby values of teamwork, respect, enjoyment, discipline and sportsmanship are evident every time this team steps onto the field of play and in their conduct off it. Vagabonds Ladies are always heaving involved in club events to raise money for local charities including playing in the annual new year Front Row Union Challenge match as well as hosting our annual ladies day raising money for Women’s Refuge.

Following a series of league wins they were awarded Team of the Year at the Isle of Mans Sports Awards.

vegabonds Ladies
Marta Kostyuk

Marta Kostyuk

At the tender age of 19, Marta is a wonderfully dynamic sports woman who currently ranks 50th in the world of professional tennis.

マルタ自身はテニスの世界で生まれ、プロとしてプレーしていた母親と叔父の影響を強く受けました。 Kostyuk はテニス界で輝かしい未来を持っているだけでなく、若い年齢で長年の実績を残しています。 

初期の頃、彼女はフロリダのオレンジ ボウルに出場し、14 歳以下の部門で優勝しました。翌年、彼女はフランスのタルブで開催されたレ・プティ・アでシングルスとダブルスの両方で優勝しました。連勝を続け、コスチュクは 2017 年に成功した年を迎えました。彼女は全豪オープン女子シングルス選手権で優勝し、ドナケシ (ハンガリー) で開催された ITF トーナメントでプロの女子シングルス タイトルを獲得した最年少のウクライナ人にもなりました。マルタは、中国の成都で開催された女子の年末 ITF ジュニア マスターズで優勝し、それを締めくくりました。 2018 年、マルタは予選にワイルドカード エントリーを受け取ることで全豪オープンにグランドスラム デビューを果たし、そこで最初のラウンドで彭帥を破り、コスチュクを全豪オープンでメインドローの試合に勝った最年少のプレーヤーにしました。 1996年のマルティナ・ヒンギス以来のメルボルン。 

MuchBetter は、スポーツで女性をサポートすることを信じており、2022 年のトップへの旅でマルタと提携できることを楽しみにしています。

Max Ingham

Isle of Man born and bred, Max Ingham has motorsport running through his veins. 

Having raced motocross at a British Championship level throughout his youth career, Max consistently achieved top 10 and podium finishes, showcasing his potential from an early age. In his last year racing at junior level he won the British Championship, ending his youth career on a high.

In 2020 he was offered an unmissable opportunity to further his career and change his discipline to circuit training.  Now, he is racing In the British Supersport Championship amongst some of the best in the sport. 

He’s passionate about giving others the same opportunities he has been blessed with and often takes younger riders out training, offering advice on how to perform on and off the bike. 

Our support is helping Max pursuit his passion, allowing him to travel regularly for race and test weekends. We are excited to help him on his exciting motorsport journey and can’t wait to see for what the future holds for this talented young rider. 






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