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With MuchBetter and Google Pay™ you can now leave your wallet at home, make faster payments with your phone and use your MuchBetter account balance for all your daily spending. Less time at the check out line, more time doing what you love.


How to add your MuchBetter MasterCard® to Google Pay™

Start up the Google Pay app

Have multiple Google Pay accounts? Not to worry, to change your account you can either -
• Tap on your profile image or initials, located in the top right of your screen
• Add your MuchBetter prepaid debit card by tapping the account you want

From the bottom, swipe up

Click on “Add a card” and pick the debit card option

To input your MB Mastercard details speedily, you can enter all your information by capturing it via your mobile camera. Alternatively, it can also be filled out manually

You may then be asked to verify your payment method, if so, pick on option you are provided with

Lastly, once received, enter your verification code

When you add your MB MasterCard, GooglePay may charge a small fee to your account. This payment is to verify that everything is valid. This doesn’t affect your balance whatsoever and will disappear and be re-imbursed in due time.

Setting up your MB Mastercard contactless payment method

You can set up contactless payments, even when you have multiple payment methods within your GooglePay.

Tap on your Google Pay app

Open the menu, located in the top left corner, and select “Payment methods”

One you have selected to the payment method you want to establish, choose “Enable contactless”

Continue to follow the verification instructions.

Key information: Once you’re all set up within the app, this method will automatically be added to your settings for your android.

  • If at any point your Google Pay app is uninstalled, your payment method will automatically stay within your settings on your Android device and is still useable. 
  • Alternatively, if you remove this payment method off your app, it will automatically be eliminated from your device. 

How your MuchBetter payment method will be verified

Verifying your payment method is an important step. This will help us protect your MB account. The verification code will not come through from Google Pay, it will come from MuchBetter.

Remember to make sure we are kept up to date with your latest contact details including both your email address and phone number so you can obtain your codes.

How you can verify

Once you receive your verification code, re-open your Google Pay app and enter it.

Verifying by text

MuchBetter may send your code via text. You should receive this within a couple of minutes.

Verifying by the MuchBetter App

You might need to sign into your MuchBetter app to verify your payment method. If you don’t have the app, you might be asked to install it and then come back to Google Pay.

Temporary deposit

A tiny deposit may be temporarily drawn from your bank account. A notification via text may then be sent out about the deposit transferred. This will eventually be removed from your account as a debit.

Obtaining your verification code:
  1. Sign into your MuchBetter app.
  2. Locate the withdrawn deposit, matching the amount found within your Google Pay account.
  3. Within your Android device, start up your Google Pay app
  4. Located toward the bottom of your screen, tap the “payment” option
  5. Under this chosen method, you can then choose “Verify”
  6. Then tap “Verify” once you have chosen the right amount

Fixing the issue

Didn’t get a code

Make sure you checked the right phone number, email address, app, or bank account for your verification method

Check that your device has a signal or is connected to Wi-Fi

If you still don’t get your code, choose a different verification method, and try again

If other methods don’t work, call your bank

Your code doesn’t work

Check that you entered the code correctly

Choose a different verification method and try again

If your code still doesn't work, call your bank

Ask the bank to check verification for the Google Pay app

Default payment method is declined

  • To double check there isn’t an issue with your account, please visit our ヘルプ hub for guidance on how to get a resolution.

Setting up or changing your default payment method

When you add your first payment method to Google Pay, this will become your main source of payments for all purchases by default.

Switching default contactless payment method’s
  1. Start up your Google Pay app.
  2. Located at the top of the screen, search for and choose your MuchBetter MasterCard to select to make default.
  3. Tap to confirm this as your default payment option.

To send or receive money

  1. Start up your Google Pay app.
  2. Located toward the bottom of the screen, click on Payment.
  3. Tap your MuchBetter card to make it your default card.
  4. To receive money, switch on default to do so.
Issues receiving money

If you have received an email from Google Pay regarding an issue with your MuchBetter payment method, the pending transfer will not be automatically put into your debit card account.

To fix this, follow the step-by-step instructions that follow below:

Step 1: To fix the problem

  • To change old default payment method’s: Get your up-to-date payment method, make it the default, and then get your money back.
  • You have hit the maximum transaction limit:You cannot transfer more than $2,500 per day to it.
  • You have not yet finished the verifying process:You might have reached the limit for money you can send or receive. To resolve this, Contact Google Pay.
  • None of the above: Contact Google Pay.

Step 2: Claiming back your funds

Reminder: To claim your money back and not risk the pending transaction to be returned to its sender, it must be claimed back within 14 days.

    1. Within your app or on the website, tap the menu icon and choose activity.
    2. Choose the action to claim, located next to the transaction.
    3. Continue to follow all the directions shown to claim back your funds. If you already fixed your payment method by the default method, any transactions an individual sends you, will inevitably move the money to your now chosen default account.

The MuchBetter card is issued by PayrNet Ltd pursuant to license by Mastercard International Inc. Mastercard is a registered trademark, and the circles design is a trademark of Mastercard International Incorporated. Google Pay is a trademark of Google LLC.

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