Make smarter Betfair deposits with the MuchBetter payment app

MuchBetter is the award-winning payment app that everyone’s talking about; and, now you can use it for safe, fast and secure transactions on Betfair.  Thousands of new customers are signing up to MuchBetter every week, and players at Betfair are now using the revolutionary app to enhance the way they deposit funds into their Betfair account.

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Why make Betfair deposits with MuchBetter

베트페어 플레이어에게 자금 예치에 대한 훌륭한 선택을 제공하는 것으로 유명하며 다음을 포함하게 된 것을 자랑스럽게 생각합니다. MuchBetter 고객에게 최고의 가치와 서비스를 제공하는 Smart eWallet입니다.

최고 수준의 보안, 초저예금 수수료, 원활한 프로세스, 인앱 현금 보상 및 실시간 예산 관리를 위해 MuchBetter를 선택하십시오.

Here’s how to use MuchBetter for your Betfair deposits


1. 다운로드 and sign-up for a MuchBetter account.


2. 사용 가능한 많은 옵션 중 하나를 사용하여 MuchBetter 계정에 자금을 추가합니다. 시작하려면 + 기호를 선택합니다.


3. Log in to your Betfair account.

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4. Choose to add funds to your Betfair account.


5. Pick MuchBetter to deposit funds into your Betfair account.


6. Betfair will prompt you to log in to your MuchBetter account and confirm the amount that you wish to deposit.


7. Open the MuchBetter app on your phone and accept the request to transfer funds to Betfair. Now you are ready to play!

Join thousands of others who are having a MuchBetter Betfair experience.

Payment options for Betfair

Card |  Bank Transfer | Pay by Bank app | Crypto (BTC, ETH, LTC, XRP) – Fees 2% | Cash – Fees 3%

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Your Betfair deposits are safer than ever before

While low transaction fees, free Mastercard’s and Contactless Key Fobs add great benefits, what matters most when it comes to your Betfair deposits is security, and our solution is one of the most protected and guarded eWallets in the world.

When the MuchBetter app is combined with Betfair’s own security protocols and procedures, players can rest assured that they are using the world’s most secure eWallet and truly ensuring their money is in the safest hands.