How To: Verify your MuchBetter account for higher limits


Thank you for downloading the MuchBetter app and welcome to the MuchBetter community.

To ensure that your future deposits and withdrawals are made quick and easy, it is important that you complete your account verification.

If you do not verify your details, you will not be able to withdraw your funds.

How to verify your account:

  1.   Log in to the MuchBetter app with your 4-digit code.
  2.   Select ‘More’ on the bottom right-hand side of your screen.
  3.   Then select ‘Limits’.
  4. Tap the button “Raise my limits”
  5.   Choose the issuing country and the document type you would like to use for your I.D. verification – this must be a passport, drivers’ licence or personal I.D. that is still in date.
  6. Scan your document following the steps as shown in the app.

The verification process will take a few minutes and once it is completed you will receive a text message from us to say that your profile verification is complete.
Understanding your account limits:


Need more help with your account? Email with your query; make sure you include your full name and mobile number.



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