MuchBetter fans of West Ham United video call team players


In 2019 MuchBetter launched the Hammershot competition in partnership with West Ham United.

The ultimate prize offered five fans a money-can’t-buy VIP experience: a trip to a West Ham Premier League game in May, the opportunity to take a penalty shot during half-time and the chance to win £5,000 if they scored.

Unfortunately, due to coronavirus, fans were not permitted to attend the remaining fixtures in the 2019-20 Premier League season, and it was with regret that we had to cancel the MuchBetter Hammershot promotion.

So, we looked for another way to reward these winners, giving them an additional cash prize, a personalised West Ham shirt, and the chance to enjoy an online video call with West Ham first team players.

Watch how their once-in-a-lifetime video call went down, and listen to how they were planning to take that Premier League penalty.



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