Google Pay™ Terms and Conditions

These Google Pay™️ Terms and Conditions are in addition to the terms of your agreement with RTEKK HOLDINGS LIMITED UK LTD that apply to the use of your MuchBetter Account and Mobile App, as found in the RTEKK HOLDINGS LIMITED UK LTD Customer Terms (the ” Rtekk Customer Terms”). If there is any overlap or conflict between the Google Pay™️ Terms and Conditions and the Rtekk Customer Terms, the latter will take precedence. If you have any other terms with your e-wallet provider (e.g., terms relating to your device) then these will apply. Any transactions with your MuchBetter Card will continue to be subject to other terms which may apply (e.g., those of Mastercard)

Getting Started

You can link your MuchBetter Prepaid Debit Mastercard to Google Pay™️ by adding the MuchBetter Prepaid Debit Mastercard via your MuchBetter app on your chosen device by selecting the “Add to Google Pay” tab. Please note that contactless payment limits may still apply depending on the retailer and payment terminal used.

How to remove your MuchBetter Card from Google Pay™️

To stop using your MuchBetter Card with Google Pay™️, go into the Google Pay app on your device, select your MuchBetter Card and select “Remove payment method” from the options available.

Security provisions

The Rtekk Customer Terms include several very important security provisions to ensure you keep your MuchBetter account and app secure. These provisions will apply to using your MuchBetter Card with Google Pay™️. Please take time to review these again prior to using your MuchBetter Card with Google Pay™️. Do not share your security details (PINs, passwords etc used to access your MuchBetter account or your device). If you lose your device, please contact us immediately. If you change your device, delete all relevant information including Google Pay™️app.

If your MuchBetter Card, security details or your device used to access card details and/or make payments has been lost or stolen or you suspect someone has attempted to use them or attempted to access or accessed your Google Pay™️, you must notify us immediately using the support functions available on the MuchBetter app.

You must not activate a payment session on any device if you do not have full control of that device or the device is not in your possession at the time of activation. If you give another person access to your device by allowing them to register their fingerprint in your device, we will treat this as you failing to keep your MuchBetter Card and security details safe.


The Rtekk Customer Terms outline who is responsible for issues with your MuchBetter Card and app these remain unchanged. Rtekk Holdings Limited UK Ltd will not be responsible for any issues with Google Pay™️. 
This is because these services are not provided by Rtekk and we do not control the related platform, e- wallet, or device.

Personal Information

Please take this opportunity to review our Privacy Policy, so you understand what we do with your personal information. However, please note you will also be subject to Google’s privacy policy. Rtekk and Google will have to share certain personal information with each other for a number of reasons, including to improve our and Google’s service; to verify information and to prevent fraud.

Google Pay is a trademark of Google LLC.

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