Het gebruik van digitale portemonnees en apps voor mobiel betalen in Spanje

“As a nation, we’ve always been attached to paying with cash. From using cash machines to paying for goods and services in shops and restaurants, we’ve been rummaging about in our bags for purses and wallets for far too long.”

MuchBetter: The payment app everybody needs!

In recent years, digital payments and digital wallets have enjoyed a boom in Spain as people begin to demand more from their money. Speed and convenience have obviously played a big part in this.

Digital payment systems often assign users a unique code or token prior to checkout to ensure their payments are not intercepted by third parties, and this has been proven to create a faster, more user-friendly, and more secure experience for customers.

Digital payments also give us much more control over our money, creating a digital trail that allows us to track how and where our money is spent: with physical cash, there is no such luxury, and we’re often left wondering where the €50 we withdrew earlier on in the day has gone, as we have very little to show in the way of receipts. But digital payments resolve this problem through traceable and verifiable means, giving us a digital stream of how much, when, and where we spent our hard earned money.

Smartphone technology has also changed the way we used our money. The high street is now at our fingertips 24 hours a day, and payment apps give us instant access to our money without the need to withdraw cash. Digital wallets are always available: just one tap, and the payment is made.

The MuchBetter payment app was designed with people in mind and has created the most        cost-effective, easiest, and secure way for payments to be made online.

It’s no coincidence that, in terms of digital payment methods, users are increasingly identifying mobile methods as their preferred form of payment, especially as the global market veers more and more toward shopping online.

The multi-award-winning payments app, MuchBetter, is available in 180 countries around the world and is now available in Spain. The new arrival of MuchBetter to Spain includes special offers to their Spanish costumers that includes FREE Mastercard Prepaid Debit card without any monthly costs, that is sent to your home address free of charge. MuchBetter users can turn cash into digital funds within minutes through the use of the prepaid vouchers, available to purchase in 15,000 authorised retail stores across Spain.

MuchBetter not only offers a simple user experience, but also robust security structure. It’s economical too, without account fees or charges, its user-requested card is free of charge. Transferring and requesting funds are also simple, quick and free, connecting users to the Mastercard network; and other sophisticated, secure, contactless devices (such as the exclusive MuchBetter key fob), that enable users to make convenient and secure contactless payments from their digital wallet.

To start making your funds MuchBetter, download the MuchBetter app from the App Store or Google Play to create a free account.

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