Launching our new premium orange card design

Making the ordinary more rewarding, and your payment device more extraordinary.

In heraldry, orange is symbolic of strength and endurance, which sits perfectly in line with our MuchBetter mantra. We take your digital wallet account security to the next level at MuchBetter and we pride ourselves on the strength of our brand, which is why we designed our new striking card and key fob with both style and security in mind.

Previously the MuchBetter cards and key fobs were black, with the MuchBetter logo laid over the top, but as we enter our fourth year of growth we decided to redesign our stylish contactless payment devices with a new look, in a splash of the same fiery orange that features heavily in our company branding.

MuchBetter has always aimed to disrupt the payment industry, and our new orange cards and key fobs proudly represent that audacious ambition.

Our new vibrant orange cards are a visual representation of our passion for payments, for our customers, and for a MuchBetter product that breaks the norm.

orange debit card and key fob

The MuchBetter card uses dynamic CVV

Uw CVV-nummer (het driecijferige beveiligingsnummer op de achterkant van een kaart) wordt bewaard in de MuchBetter-app en verandert elke keer dat u inlogt. Dit betekent dat het nooit meer hetzelfde zal zijn en dat fraudeurs uw kaart onmogelijk kunnen gebruiken. Als uw kaart verloren of gestolen is, logt u eenvoudig in en blokkeert u deze direct vanuit uw app.

Where can I use my MuchBetter card?

Our cards are supported by Mastercard, which means your card functions like any other Mastercard. You can use it to make payments all over the world, anywhere that displays Mastercard or the contactless payment symbol.

Order your FREE card today

If you are a resident in Europe, you can order your FREE MuchBetter card today or order the unique payment key fob for just £10 (or currency equivalent), within the app under the devices section.

Join the orange revolution today!

*The MuchBetter Mastercard and key fob is only available to customers within the EEA

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