MuchBetter Hammershot: Uma atualização


With it now confirmed that fans will not be permitted to attend the remaining fixtures in the 2019-20 Premier League season, it is with regret that we have made the decision to cancel the MuchBetter Hammer Shot promotion with West Ham United, which offered fans the chance to take a penalty on the pitch at London Stadium during the final home game of the season.

However, we will be contacting the 19 MuchBetter account holders who have won the weekly prediction competition, to reward them with an additional cash prize and a personalised West Ham shirt as a gesture of thanks for participating in the Hammer Shot. We will also be informing them that they will be entered into a draw which will select three lucky winners at random, who will be offered the chance to enjoy an online video call with West Ham first team players, as an added bonus.

Again, we would like to thank everyone who has entered Hammer Shot and look forward to contacting our winners in due course.



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