Digital Wallets – A Beginner’s Guide

digital wallets

You may have heard the term digital wallet, or e-wallet and you’ve probably seen people paying for things with all sorts of devices. But where do they come from and what do they do? Here’s a quick guide to what we see is the future of payments.

A digital wallet, at its simplest, is a digitised version of the wallet you have in your pocket right now. There are lots of ways to expand on that (and many companies have) but in a nutshell you’re using an app to store all the things you might keep in your pocket. In some cases that might be just your money, linked to your bank account and available for on or offline purchases.

But a digital wallet can be much more than that. It can be where you store your crypto-currencies. It can hold your ID and passport. It may be where you keep your travel documents and loyalty cards.

This is the height of modern convenience and maybe the future of all payments with major brands quickly joining up and accepting payments through your digital wallet. You can pay for a huge number of goods and services with your phone, and combine multiple accounts and mobile payment services in one place.

MuchBetter combines the practicalities of a digital wallet with the real world applications you’re used to (and rely on). With MuchBetter we transcend the digital and offer you a card and a wearable key fob linked to your digital account. This means you’re still financially fluid if your phone runs out of battery or is lost, which is a very real problem that you can’t digitise the answer to just yet.




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