About Us

The current marketplace is dominated by highly adept and functional payment solutions. They are good but all pretty ordinary, just adding convenience to spending in a variety of on and offline environments.

MuchBetter believe there is a better way to spend money. Whether you are gifting that special person in your life, paying for that ‘must have’ item, at the cashier of your favorite online gaming site, or simply getting your morning caffeine fix on the way to work….there has got to be a MuchBetter way of paying for it.

We exist to make your daily spending routine simple, safe and more rewarding

Our Team



As the CEO of MuchBetter I’m responsible for ensuring that our customers have an excellent rewarding experience with us, and that our staff enjoy a happy and productive workplace. I’m also responsible for ensuring our values influence everything we do; which is to do everything MuchBetter.



I have spent more years than I can count in the payments industry, at MuchBetter, where I look after the commercial side of the business and all of our partners.



I'm Pras and responsible for operations. I make sure that we deliver innovative product features to our customers, and that our product and processes deliver the best possible customer and merchant experience. I also work with out technical and compliance team to ensure our payment solution is secure and compliant.



My name's Donna, and I'm MuchBetter's CAO. That means I have a varied role at MuchBetter, looking after everything from responsibilities include Finance, HR, Company Secretarial, Office Services and a whole bunch of other stuff in between!



I look after the technical aspects of much of the app, making sure all the innovative features the team develop work smoothly. I'm also responsible for ensuring that the systems and tools the MuchBetter use are shipshape and secure.



I'm Head of Marketing here at MuchBetter. A certified geek, I love data and when I'm not crunching marketing numbers to make the world a MuchBetter place, I spend all my spare time chasing after my 3 young kids and trying to fix their tech.


Head of Support

I'm Zandi, Head of Support, and I look after the people who reply to customer queries and ensure they have everything they need to provide our customers with the service they deserve. Our support team also looks after all our merchants so that they can provide their customers with MuchBetter ways to pay.


Head of Compliance

Hi I'm Matthew, I'm the Head of Group Compliance at MuchBetter. I'm here to ensure the Company is aware of and complies with all its requirements as part of its UK e-money license and to help build and protect its reputation with regulators, customers and merchants. We also work with merchants in regulated industries to help them manage compliance requirements using our MuchBetter payment solution.


Head of Business Development

My name is Ido and I'm responsible for developing the business, looking for new business opportunities and making sure MuchBetter is truly a much better payment solution. My goal is to make everyone's lives MuchBetter; our customers, our customers, merchants and the MuchBetter team.

We exist to make your daily spending routine simple, safe and more rewarding