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职业扑克玩家兼教练 Felix Schneiders 是 MuchBetter 电子钱包的大使。
“我从事扑克职业已经超过 15 年了,在 Twitch 上直播和指导扑克超过 7 年。我从我的长期扑克玩家经验中知道能够快速访问、提取、存入和将资金转移到任何需要的地方是多么重要,所以我很高兴拥有像 MuchBetter 这样的工具。

我和我的社区定期使用 MuchBetter 及其提供的所有功能。特别是您拥有一张通过应用程序提供欺诈保护的免费预付卡这一事实使得 MuchBetter 对必须进行常规交易或能够访问和发送或接收资金的扑克玩家具有超级吸引力。就我个人而言,我喜欢能够直接通过 MuchBetter 将我在扑克游戏中赢得的钱花掉——非接触式!”



As a young company, we want young sports professionals and future stars to have the support and opportunities they need to perform at their best. MuchBetter believes passionately in supporting sports at a grassroots level, investing in our future stars and community to give people the chance to reach their potential. We understand the importance of having champions on your team to guide, mentor and invest in your success. That’s why we’re supporting young people like Jed Etchells & Connor Lynch, as well as Crosby Cricket Club on the Isle of Man.
Jed Etchells motocycle


European Enduro Champion, Jed Etchells, is an exceptional Manx athlete already reaching the top of his game in Motocross. Competing in Motocross since he was five years old, Jed is a talented young sportsman with tenacity and ambition reaching far beyond the borders of Island life. Jed found his passion for Enduro at age 17, and has since represented Great Britain three times, taken part in three world events, and even won the European Enduro Championship in 2019! In 2020, Jed was awarded the Under 21 Sportsman of the year by the Isle of Man Sports Awards. Now aiming to be the best professional Enduro motorcycle rider in the world series, Jed is committed to a hard training and fitness regime. This year Jed is competing in the Italian Enduro Championship and the World Enduro GP Championship. “I am lucky to have the support and sponsorship of MuchBetter which enables me to represent the Isle of Man at World Enduro events, and I hope to inspire other young people to follow their dreams and dedicate themselves to being the best they can be.” – Jed Etchells We are proud to support this exceptional rising star by helping him raise his sports profile.

Gilly Flaherty

With over 20 years of football experience and multiple commendable achievements under her belt, Gilly Flaherty is a force to be reckoned with.

Gilly started her football career at Millwall at the mere age of 9 and shortly moved to Arsenal where she stayed for 10 years making over 150 appearances, winning 17 trophies, including the Quadruple Winning Team, League Title, FA Cup, League Cup and Champions League. 

Going into her professional career she moved to Chelsea where she won 5 further trophies and made 98 appearances. Now, Gilly has been based at West Ham for 4 season and is currently the West Ham Woman’s team Captain. In her first season, she triumphantly led them straight to the FA Cup final.

Gilly has also represented her country countless times. She has played at youth level over 100 times, where she won European Champions and in her senior career, she has made 9 appearances for the England Women’s Senior National team. Now, she also ranks the 4th highest player for appearances in the WSL, with a jaw dropping 150 league appearances.

Gilly herself says “I can’t wait to be able to push on further in my career with the support of MuchBetter” and we here at MuchBetter are looking forward to supporting and following Gilly’s success over her time with us.

Brand Ambassadors Gilly sportswoman

Guido Vianello

Former 2016 Italian Rio Olympian, Guido “The Gladiator” Vianello, was born into a family of tennis players. In his younger years, he stumbled into boxing when his curiosity was piqued about the boxing gym based in front of his tennis club. He wondered in once and never left.

In 2018 he turned professional, signing with Top Rank Boxing owned by the Hall of Fame Promoter Bob Arum. He has 9 professional fights with 8 victories all ending with a swift KO for his opponents.

As the current number 1 heavyweight in Italy, Guido is still at the beginning of his career.

Guido told MuchBetter : “From the first day I started boxing, I wanted to go to the Olympics and then become Heavyweight World Champion. One goal is achieved and now I’m working hard for the second one. I fight in the United States, as well as England and I train between Rome and London. That’s why I was very excited to become an Ambassador of MuchBetter. Their solutions fit perfectly for individuals who travel a lot, that could utilise the safety and simplicity of the payments app.”


在曼彻斯特的康纳·林奇 (Connor Lynch) 仅 5 岁便开始学习拳击。他的父亲在他叔叔的拳击俱乐部参加比赛时,向他们介绍了这项具有挑战性的运动。到目前为止,在康纳年轻而初出茅庐的职业生涯中,他已经完成了六场职业比赛,并取得了明显的胜利。 康纳的经理和教练也是前职业拳击手 Kieran Farrell。

“从很小的时候我就喜欢去我叔叔的拳击俱乐部,所以不久我父亲就开始带我去拳击馆了”——康纳告诉 MuchBetter。

谈到未来,康纳说——“我现在的重点是继续努力把自己发挥到极致。 在2021年底,我希望有机会参加我的第一场冠军争夺战。”

Brand-Ambassadors-Connor Crosby Cricket Club


克罗斯比板球俱乐部于 1946 年在马恩岛成立,最初由一群希望在足球赛季之外做一些贡献的村民组成。最初的团队经过多年来不断的壮大,他们现在拥有两支高级周末队、4 支高级夜校队以及 U9、U11、U13 和 15 岁以下的青年队伍。几名球员也是马恩岛队伍的一员,并在岛外参加比赛。

在众多的队伍中,从 5 月到 9 月期间俱乐部休息的日子很少,这需要教练和球员做出巨大的承诺。克罗斯比是一个友好的俱乐部,球员年龄从 6 岁到 60 岁不等,是该村的重要组成部分,大多数成员都居住在该村。 MuchBetter 很自豪能够支持这个当地社区板球俱乐部,我们期待看到他们 2021 赛季的展开。

Douglas Athletic Football Club

Founded in 2016, the junior academy of Douglas Athletic Football Club, also known as DAFC Juniors, is a club which has continued to go from strength to strength.

Based in the heart of Douglas, the club started with only 8 children and 2 coaches, but today is the fastest growing junior football club on the Isle of Man, with over 100 children playing across 14 teams, all proudly representing the club in the local Isle of Man Junior Football League. This is only made possible through the dedication and commitment of the many volunteers, including 15 FA qualified coaches who help the children to play the game they love in a safe and friendly environment.

‘As a local football club we continue to strive to provide the local community with excellent opportunities for children, where they can be part of a club which is safe, fun and where they can enjoy playing football. Everyone at DAFC is incredibly grateful to the team at MuchBetter for their support and we look forward to watching all our teams wear their MuchBetter pink kits with pride this season’

DAFC Chairman Stephen Cowan.