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If you’re looking for a super-secure digital wallet, you must read this!

No matter where we shop, the security of our online payments matter, and we’re always looking for more ways to ensure that the payments we make are secure. If we’ve learned anything about our buying habits from the last two years, it’s that our lives are becoming increasingly online-focused. Global lockdowns were a natural catalyst that pushed more and more people to shop remotely, and the rise of online payment methods was a result of this.

One of the most significant financial breakthroughs in our generation was the creation of digital wallets and payment apps. Online finance services on our mobile devices allow us to make digital transactions, be this either buying something online or using a smartphone to tap in-store. Consumers can also deposit money into a digital wallet directly without the need of a bank account.

The MuchBetter payments app launched in Spain in October, and it works hard to protect its customers’ money.

MuchBetter has become an excellent payment solution for many customers worldwide, in 180 countries, who are looking for a secure digital wallet to store their money.

MuchBetter users have all the advantages of owning a bank account (without actually having to open one), while enjoying an easy to use interface, high security, and integration with many online payment services that can make daily payments accessible, secure, and simpler than ever before. This payments app covers the major concerns of consumers by having a secure and protective feature that prevents other users or banks from accessing your account and data.

MuchBetter has a feature called a dynamic CVV, and all accounts are protected by this.

The CVV code is a 3 digit number on the back of your bank card, but MuchBetters card doesn’t have this number on the back. Instead, the 3 digit number is embedded in the MuchBetter app and changes every time you use it, making it very hard for someone to use your card details online. This tool has become an excellent solution for many customers worldwide, throughout 180 countries, that are looking for a secure digital wallet to store their money.

The new arrival of MuchBetter in Spain includes special offers to Spanish customers that includes a FREE Mastercard prepaid debit card without monthly costs, alongside a super-secure payment app.

The MuchBetter payments app is the ideal solution to meet all your payment needs at once. It’s been designed with people in mind and has created the most simple, secure and cost-effective way for payments to be made online.

Sign-up today and try the MuchBetter digital wallet without any obligations or initial payments in three simple steps:

1. Visit your local store and purchase a MuchBetter prepaid voucher
2. Download your MuchBetter app and verify your account
3. Use the PIN provided on your voucher receipt to top up your MuchBetter account

That’s it! You’re good to start straight away.

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