The payment app with a unique security feature

“Founded in 2017, MuchBetter, the multi-award-winning payments app, has now arrived in Spain to provide a truly secure, banking alternative”

If you want more secure online payments, you have to read this!

MuchBetter goes further than other digital wallets when it comes to protecting your money and your sensitive information. All MuchBetter accounts are protected with device pairing, touch ID, and a transaction review system that only allows legitimate transactions to be processed and blocks those that aren’t.

Mention MuchBetter to any of its customers, and they’ll likely tell you about their dynamic CVV. The CVV is the 3 digit number on the back of your bank card. The MuchBetter card doesn’t have this number on the back and instead has it stored in the MuchBetter app. It changes with every transaction you make and any time you use it, making it very hard for somebody to use your card details online.

Dynamic CVV changes every transaction you make and any time you use it, making it very           hard for somebody to use your card details online.

They’ll probably also mention how simple the sign-up process is, its world-class security, superb user experience, and how stylish its contactless payment devices are.

The MuchBetter payments app gives you the power to benefit from a feature-rich and diverse digital wallet platform. Free transfers, instant deposits, and simple payments can be made with just the tap of a finger.

MuchBetter has invested a lot into the security of its products. Digital purchases are an everyday part of our lives, so knowledge of payment apps and digital wallets that allow us to make these purchases is essential; they are easy to get and even easier to use. Your morning coffee, daily commute, or that jacket you’ve been dreaming about owning, can all be purchased with fingerprint or facial recognition, and paying for purchases has never been easier. Mobile payments have changed the way we pay for everything.

Modern life means our lives are split on and offline, and we’re always connected. For this very reason, there’s never been a better time to change our approach to financial management, and not solely for the ease of online purchases. Digital wallets allow us to keep constant track of our financial incomings and outgoings, and everything is always visible and just one click away.

MuchBetter is a great example of this technology. Their digital wallet lets you transform cash into digital money, with a process that’s quick, easy, and most importantly, secure.

Whether it’s checking your financial ins and outs, transferring money to friends and family, or adding funds to your account through their prepaid voucher top-up system, the MuchBetter app takes less than a minute to download and gives you the freedom to manage your finances on-the-go, in total security.

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