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当您可以获得 MuchBetter 时,为什么要满足于更好的条件?

FREE pre-paid debit Mastercard® without monthly costs 

Starting November 20th, Italian customers are able to use their money wisely, enjoying our Ricarica MuchBetter voucher for paying online and offline simply, easily and safely.

We created the Ricarica MuchBetter voucher alongside our payment app so you can store, spend and send money without the need for a bank. We believe everyone deserves a cost effective, fast and secure financial service to control and use their money.

The MuchBetter payment app offers an end to end secure payment solution including world class safety features. Once you’ve signed up for the MuchBetter digital wallet, you can order your FREE MuchBetter card* and start using your funds anywhere globally, where Mastercard® is accepted.

The Ricarica MuchBetter voucher is the perfect solution for loading money safely and securely into your prepaid card. Simply visit one of the 15,000 available retailers in Italy, purchase a Ricarica MuchBetter voucher at the cash register, and in 5 simple steps load it to your MuchBetter payment app.**


Good reasons to purchase a 
Ricarica MuchBetter voucher


MuchBetter 省钱方式

A free MuchBetter card,运送到您的家庭地址 - 免费


MuchBetter卡免费送 没有任何额外的每月费用。  我们的卡受 Mastercard® 支持,与任何其他预付卡一样使用,因此可随时随地用于线上和线下交易。

* Please note that the card is sent free of charge. If you receive any charges for the shipping or customs clearance, please send us the receipt to 支持 to be refunded.



MuchBetter 支付应用程序提供端到端的安全支付解决方案,包括世界一流的安全功能

MuchBetter 账户受到设备配对、触摸 ID、动态安全代码和交易审查系统的保护,以确保只有合法交易才能通过。我们独一无二的独家动态 CVV* 内置于 MuchBetter 电子钱包中,它会在您每次登录时发生变化。您的 CVV* 号码永远不会相同,使欺诈者很难在线使用您的卡。

*The dynamic CVV is an extra level of security against fraudulent misuse by third parties




MuchBetter 支付应用程序超越了在线和离线使用,使您能够 免费转账和收款, any time and anywhere you want. The MuchBetter Peer-2-Peer platform is also easy to use so transfers are completed instantly in just 3 simple steps.


MuchBetter alternative

to banks


You can purchase and load your MuchBetter e-wallet with Ricarica vouchers that you load with your funds in 3 simple steps No bank account or credit card is needed. Purchase your vouchers from one of the 15,000 retailers in Italy, and be in control of loading and spending – not your bank



We aim to create the world’s safest, unique and most convenient payment device

We are a team of passionate innovators. The payment marketplace is dominated by an array of solutions, adding convenience and safety to your various daily online and offline payments. While most of them are fairly ordinary, MuchBetter believes there is a significantly safer and much more rewarding way to use and manage your money. We have succeeded in developing some of the world’s most unique contactless payment devices, making your daily payments easier, safer, and with a twist of unrivalled style.  Read more

How to use your Ricarica MuchBetter voucher


1. To add your Ricarica MuchBetter voucher to your balance, simply tap the orange circular button on the Home screen of your MuchBetter App and then then select ‘Top Up’.


2. You will then be prompted to choose an amount to Top up.


3. Select the method ‘Ricarica MuchBetter’ from the list of payment options.


4. You will then need to confirm the amount that you wish to top up. Note that this may differ from the amount that you initially selected as Ricarica MuchBetter Vouchers are only available in specific denominations and must be redeemed in full.


5. Enter the PIN from your voucher receipt and then tap ‘Redeem’. Your MuchBetter account will be credited immediately.

MuchBetter 支持

Our dedicated customer support team will respond by email to ensure minimum disruption to you. You can send and review support tickets from the app and receive email support from our friendly team. You may find the information you need in our FAQ’s.

Please refer to the Google Play Store and the App Store for information on supported OS versions*

完成帐户验证后,您的虚拟卡将在 MuchBetter 数字钱包应用程序中可用。您的实体卡将在 7 - 10 个工作日内邮寄到您的注册地址。请确保您在注册时输入了正确的地址。


MuchBetter 卡由 PayrNet Ltd 根据 MasterCard International Inc. 的许可发行。Mastercard® 是注册商标,圆圈设计是 Mastercard International Incorporated 的商标。

Top up your MuchBetter card using the Ricarica voucher, and you won’t pay a commission or fee

* Your MuchBetter e-wallet is paid the same           amount as the value of the voucher

尝试使用我们的 MuchBetter 奖池得分 

今天用 22 种钱包货币充值您的账户,以进入我们的奖池——我们有 22 份 100 种钱包货币的奖品等您赢取! 

此优惠将于 12 月 15 日星期四格林威治标准时间 11:59 结束。 

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获得一个 fob,获得 5 欧元 

立即订购 MuchBetter 非接触式钥匙扣,即可将 5 欧元(或等值的钱包货币)存入您的钱包! 

此优惠将于 12 月 11 日星期日格林威治标准时间 23:59 结束。 

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推荐朋友加入 MuchBetter 并获得 5 欧元存入您的帐户。

打开您的应用程序并使用您的唯一推荐代码邀请朋友加入 MuchBetter,一旦他们充值,我们将给您 5 欧元或等值货币!

此优惠将于 12 月 16 日星期五格林尼治标准时间 23:59 结束。

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