MuchBetter People: Jens Bader, Co-founder

The team at MuchBetter is made up of people with many talents and interests. Together we have over 100 years in the payments and gaming industries. We’re all very proud of the products we’re offering through MuchBetter and wanted to take an opportunity to introduce ourselves, and our favourite things about working together.

Hi Jens, would you say that you’re the brains behind MuchBetter?

My official title is co-founder, so I’m at least half the brains! Fundamentally my role at MuchBetter is around Commercial Strategy. That means I’m working to build the commercial framework based on our values, what we do, and the people we work with. I’m the ‘market-facing’ side of the business so I’m always talking to clients and building our merchant network. I guide and support our commercial teams, have a number of special projects, and occasionally I’m involved in the supplier side as well so I would say I’m one of the MB All Stars.

What did you do before MuchBetter was born?

Before our team created MuchBetter, I was the Group CCO at Secure Trading Group, a European Card Processor and Acquirer. I’ve been working in the sector since the very beginning of online payments processing, so my career has evolved alongside the developments in tech. It’s been an amazing journey both personally and for the payments industry – we’ve grown up together!

How do you personally use the MuchBetter app?

My family and friends use it a lot to send money and little gifts and rewards and they all love the product. They definitely like sending me payment requests! I use the card everyday both on and offline. I think I have the biggest card usage of all the MuchBetter people. I’m not sure if I should be proud or concerned by that…

What is the best thing about the app/service?

From a purely user point of view I love the way the app handles, the simplicity and the versatility of it. MuchBetter has you covered in any payment situation; online, offline, contactless, peer-to-peer and direct to merchants.

From a professional perspective I am immensely proud of our merchant API, which is the foundation for our monetization strategy. We are not just a pretty app or another prepaid card – because I don’t believe interchange income can carry a modern B2C payments company. Innovation needs to happen at the product level as well as within the commercial and business strategy. The API carries our payments DNA into our merchant community and allows us to ensure the customer experience that we created in the app is carried to the very point of transaction.

What is your typical day like at MuchBetter HQ? 

It is a start-up so workloads are crazy – and to ensure that insanity is not kicking in, I try to find a balance between emails and admin, and interaction with colleagues and the people around us. The energy in our office is amazing and I love it most when it’s lively and buzzing with people.

I have a lot of emails and paperwork and I spend a lot of time on the phone. Over summer my voice started to let me down so doctor’s advised a warmer climate. I think I will be taking that advice so pretty soon a typical day will be something new!

What are you most excited about with payment technology?

Our whole industry is about people and behaviours. I think the greatest opportunity we have is to use the tech available to improve customer experience – the security and simplicity involved in making a payment.

We’re a B2C company, so the customer interaction part of the payment chain is our holy grail; Tokenization, biometrical authentication, mobile, automated ID verification… There are many building blocks that can be combined to form an amazing payment service. I am also a big supporter of the European e-money framework, a catalyst for services like MuchBetter and so many other great Fintechs and products. Europe is a very attractive region to be working with such payments technology. I feel I am in the right spot.

What’s your best tip/life hack for living well?

I think these few words by Emerson sum it up: Finish each day and be done with it. You have done what you could; some blunders and absurdities have crept in; forget them as soon as you can, tomorrow is a new day.


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