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Integrate MuchBetter

Integrate MuchBetter as a payment solution for your business to reach new customers and increase conversion with a fast and simple way for your customers to pay, across multiple devices.

Track customer spending via the MuchBetter merchant portal
Built for online merchants operating in global markets
Innovative industry-specific pricing structure
Dynamic customer authentication
Trusted Electronic Money Institution
Minimise risk of fraud and improve KYC
Easy integration
Ability to send exclusive offers to customers in-app
Multiple back-office portals

Coming soon!

Branded Payment Solutions

We are spearheading fintech innovation with branded payment solutions designed to elevate your brand. 

We specialise in concept creation, product development, operational support and program management of white label and co-branded digital wallets.

Available in:

Choose from two branded solutions

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White Label

Your brand takes centre stage with a fully skinned digital wallet, prepaid debit Mastercard® and key fob.

Valyuz branded card

Coming soon!


Your co-branded card and key fob will be supported by the MuchBetter Wallet. 

Powered by a team of fintech professionals, our client-centric approach to solving industry-specific payment challenges results in products that are innovative, intuitive, easy to use, and above all, highly secure.

au branded card

Coming soon!

Corporate Cards

Protect your people, secure your money. 

Manage employee, contractor, and consultant payments with MuchBetter corporate cards.

Available in:
MuchBetter corporate card