MuchBetter now available to players at 888 Casino

Players at 888 Casino can take advantage of the lowest transaction fees in the world, unrivalled security and generous rewards when using the MuchBetter app

One of the most important factors players consider when choosing the right online casino for them is the payment options offered. They expect a wide range of methods to deposit and withdraw, and that are safe, secure and provide lightning-fast processing times.

One of the most established and popular online casino brand 888 Casino has been live for more than 20 years and offers a superior player experience, from a portfolio packed with games from all the major suppliers, to gold star customer support.

The operator is also renowned for proving its players with more ways to deposit and withdraw than its rivals, and recently added the MuchBetter eWallet solution to it’s proposition as part of plans to deliver more value to it’s customers.

888 Casino has said the reason for integrating the MuchBetter payment app into it’s platform is to cut transaction costs, offer players a wider range of payment solutions and options, and to take the customer experience to the next level.

How it works

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MuchBetter is one of the easiest Gaming eWallets to use. Here’s how:

Super-charging the player experience:

For 888 Casino patrons, the MuchBetter wallet offers tremendous upsides. They can open an account for free, and between now and the end of the year (2018) they will not be charged any fees for depositing money into their MuchBetter account.

Once this period has elapsed, players will be able to take advantage of the lowest eGaming eWallet transaction fees in the world – when topping up your MuchBetter account by Visa or Mastercard, you will only pay 1.65%. If withdrawing, you will pay just £3.

888 Casino players topping up their wallet with a different currency will not be hit with sky-high conversion fees – MuchBetter charges just 1%. This means significant savings; money that can be spent on playing your favourite casino games instead of crediting your account.

Cashing in with additional benefits:

The benefits for 888 Casino players don’t stop there. If you reside in Europe you will be sent a free Mastercard linked to your MuchBetter account, allowing you to spend your winnings on what you want, when you want – whether a quick coffee or a new shirt for work.

In addition, you can request a MuchBetter NFC Contactless Key Fob for rapid-fire payments anywhere that accepts Mastercard. Simply hold the fob over the contactless payment pad and the transaction will complete instantly.

Whether depositing and withdrawing via the MuchBetter app, or using your MuchBetter Mastercard or Contactless Key Fob, you will receive real-time transaction notifications allowing you to monitor and record your spending.

888 Casino players can also send money to friends and family via the app for free, or take advantage of MuchBetter Gifts to send them personalised gift cards for Costa Coffee, Pizza Express, Amazon and more.

Transactions that are safe and secure:

While low transaction fees, free Mastercards and super-cool Contactless Key Fobs are nice, what really matters when it comes to online and mobile payments is security, and the MuchBetter solution is one of the most protected and guarded eWallets on the planet.

It boasts a patent-pending unique and dynamic CVV that means you never use the same number twice. This, in turn, makes you a moving target for potential scams and fraud, and ensures you can transact in confidence knowing you are 100% protected.

Indeed, when the MuchBetter eWallet is combined with 888 Casino’s own security protocols and procedures, players can rest assured that online payment fraud they may be subject to with rival eWallets and online casinos is very much a thing of the past.

More bang for your buck:

If you use MuchBetter, you will receive a rewarding experience in more ways than one; every time you use your MuchBetter eWallet to deposit £100/€100/$100 or more, you will receive reward points. You will also earn points for every £10/€10/10 spent at 888 Casino.

The points collected are turned into entries into a weekly prize draw taking place every Monday and with more than £1,000 in prizes up for grabs. This includes £2.50 to start the week with a coffee courtesy of MuchBetter, or £100 to spend on whatever you like.

More than just an eWallet:

It is clear from the above that MuchBetter is more than just a standard eGaming eWallet. It offers the same functionality and more than rival payment options, as well as huge added value in terms of transaction fees, cool tech and rewards.

888 Casino has always been a technological pioneer, powered by a cutting-edge platform that delivers a world-class experience to its players. This covers everything from registration to mobile gaming via responsible gambling.

When it comes to payments, the operator has always offered a good range of options, but only now that it has made MuchBetter available to its players can it be considered a true pioneer regarding the ways in which players deposit and withdraw.

The way we handle and spend money is changing, with many of us relying on mobile apps and contactless technologies to make it easier and simpler to move, save and spend money than ever before.

MuchBetter allows you to do just this not only when playing your favourite slots, table and live dealer games, but for other aspects of your life, too. It is the perfect partnership, and helps strengthen 888 Casino’s position as a market leading online casino brand.