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MuchBetter is a revolutionary award-winning e-wallet. Our industry-leading e-wallet lets you store, send and move money securely and quickly.

Make life simple.

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MuchBetter Wallet

Use the MuchBetter wallet for a simpler way to deposit and cash out with your favourite online gaming brands. No more redirects, cumbersome passwords and extra devices to carry – simply confirm transactions from your phone and enjoy the lowest gaming e-wallet fees in the world!

MuchBetter Devices

Claim your prepaid debit Mastercard® or ultra-cool contactless key fob.

You can pay anywhere you see the ‘contactless’ sign. Our wearables are supported by Mastercard® and will make spending money much better. You’ll be the envy of the checkout line. (EEA customers only)

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MuchBetter Security

We go further than other e-wallets to protect your sensitive information. Our accounts are protected with device pairing, touch ID, dynamic security codes and a transition review system to ensure that only legitimate transactions go through.

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All sensitive information is protected in the cloud.

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Your account is twinned with your phone.

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Enable touch ID and keep your account even safer.

MuchBetter Transfers

MuchBetter lets you transfer money to friends and family, and request payments from others. Our Peer-2-Peer platform is free to use and transfers money instantly in just 3 simple steps.

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MuchBetter Support

Our dedicated customer support team will respond over email to ensure minimum disruption to you. Send and review support tickets from the app and receive email support from our friendly team. You may find the information you need in our FAQ’s.


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