Ciao Italia!

Use the MuchBetter Wallet for everyday spending.

Enjoy fee-free top ups with our Ricarica vouchers.

Our Ricarica vouchers make it easy to use MuchBetter without needing a bank account.

Head to and get the barcode of the voucher value you’d like to redeem.

Next steps:

Step 1

Screenshot or save the barcode of the voucher value you’d like to redeem.

Step 2

Use the store locator here and on the youscan page to find a store near you.

Step 3

Scan the barcode and pay to receive a your 16-digit redemption code.

Step 4

Open the MuchBetter app and follow the steps to top up your account.

Reasons to choose MuchBetter


Ricarica vouchers

Available in denominations of 50€ and 100€

You can purchase our zero-fee vouchers from thousands of stores across Italy and load your MuchBetter Wallet using the 16-digit code.

Virtual MuchBetter prepaid Mastercard®

Free and available instantly!

Make use of your balance in seconds with our free and instant virtual MuchBetter prepaid Mastercard®.

MB Coins

Earn coins on every voucher top up!

Top up with a Ricarica cash voucher and earn up to earn up to 10 MB Coins! Convert your MB Coins to cash when you reach at least 100 MB Coins and look out for our multiplier wheel for the chance to multiply the number of coins you earn!

Cards and Wearables

Go contactless with MuchBetter

Elevate your MuchBetter experience with a physical prepaid Mastercard® and contactless keyring. Manage your budget, with transactions displayed instantly in app and freeze if lost or misplaced.

Keep your money secure

Sleep easy knowing MuchBetter comes with the highest level of security.

Protected with biometric security, dynamic security codes, a transaction review system and more, you can rest easy with MuchBetter.

Secure Icon

How to redeem your Ricarica voucher

Step 1

Log in to your MuchBetter wallet and select Top up

Step 2

Enter your voucher amount and choose Ricarica MuchBetter

Step 3

Confirm amount and enter the 16-digit number on your receipt to redeem